Event Cancelled

Greetings All!

I regret to inform you that our virtual candidates’ forum that was to be held this evening will be cancelled due to a few candidates recently deciding not participate in the forum. Yesterday, I received messages from both Paul Buzzell and Jason Levash indicating that they will no longer be participating.

I reached out to both candidates seeking clarification on their decision but have yet to receive a response. In full transparency, the questions were provided in advance and the flow of the forum was clearly explained to all candidates. We have remained neutral with all candidates, have answered questions along the way, and have always been open to provide clarification where needed.

I have attached the questions below that were to be asked of the candidates during the forum. I have also attached the Q&A document that was compiled from the initial questions that were submitted to the candidates upon extending our invitation. Maria Douglas, Jill Chromy, Paul Buzzell and Jason Levash submitted answers to our questions.

The integrity of our organization is important to us. As a nonpartisan organization, we do not endorse, promote or politicize any candidate in any way. We only try to provide an avenue to educate all constituents about the election process and the candidates running for office. We are also invested in clearly understanding whether candidates running for office can align and support our mission and vision to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights and where there is no racial hatred or racial discrimination.

We’d like to thank everyone who registered. We know that you would have benefited greatly from this forum. However, we will continue to move forward with our plans to provide other candidate forums. We understand that this is truly a time where leadership is critical to our school districts and communities, and greatly appreciate you and all you do to invest in our community.



Janette M. Braverman

President, NAACP Ozaukee County


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