Thank you for attending our 31st Annual Freedom Fund Event!



The Annual Freedom Fund Event is a chance for members to spend an evening celebrating the pursuit of civil rights. Given our current climate and all we’ve endured the past year and to-date, our theme for this year’s event is “RISE UP!” Additionally, fundraised money will contribute to the growth of the organization and provide college scholarships to deserving students. The scholarship money that is given to students helps make going to the school of their dreams a reality. Several awards will also be given to well deserving individuals and an organization within our community. 

Panel Discussion

Meet our amazing panelists from across the community that have “Risen Up” over the past year and taken their social justice efforts to the next level.

Moderated By

Janette M. Braverman

NAACP Ozaukee County President

Janette was elected into office in June 2016 and is the first African American to serve as a County Board Supervisor for Ozaukee County. Her responsibilities include but are not limited to serving on the County’s Public Safety Committee, representing constituents across the district, setting and approving policies and budgets. She was also appointed to the Economic Development Board in 2016 by the Mayor of the City of Mequon, WI and served for four years.

Corey Prince

Corey Prince is a community and political organizer with a passion for engaging people and advocating for marginalized groups. Corey was named Wisconsin Ambassador Jay-Z and Meek Mill. Corey works to reform the Criminal Legal System in Wisconsin and build up the Reform Alliance capacity in the State. As a directly impacted person, he speaks truth to power to lift up the voices of the voiceless.

Angela Slack-Adams

Chief Communications & Diversity Officer, Goodwill Industries

Angela Adams is a new resident of Mequon. However, she is well-known for her ability to deliver results that matter across the state of WI and beyond. Angela is an experienced corporate and community leader motivated by serving people. As corporate communications and diversity officer for Goodwill Industries of SE WI and Metro Chicago, Angela is leading the organization’s strategy for corporate communications and community engagement, as well as guiding its diversity, equity and inclusion journey. Angela is a committed community volunteer serving on the board of directors for Froedtert Hospital, Carmen Schools, African American Leadership Alliance Milwaukee and is a dedicated member of the Milwaukee (WI) Chapter of The Links, Inc.

John Daniels III

Executive Director and Chairman, A.L.I.V.E. Inc.


John Daniels is a resident of Mequon and formerly served as the treasurer of the Mequon-Thiensville Board of Education. However, he is a native of Milwaukee who gained his educational experiences in the MPS School System, Marquette University High School and then moved onto the University of Michigan.  His area of focus included Business Management and Music Production, returned to his home to contribute to the community in which he was raised. John Daniels III has been a teacher and key leader in Information Technology for the Holy Redeemer Educational campus- supporting the CH Mason Clinic, Daniels-Mardak Boys & Girls Club, Elementary and High Schools. His innovation , commitment and  skills provide unique contributions to the expanding vision of the Wisconsin First Jurisdiction under the leadership of Bishop Sedgwick Daniels.

Performances By 

Tasha Nicole 

Born in the south suburbs of Chicago, Tasha Nicole McCoy moved with her family to Milwaukee at very young age and immediately became a part of the adult choir at her father’s church. As the daughter of a pastor, Tasha has been singing all of her life! Singing and performing for over 25 years, Tasha has made herself an invaluable asset within the city’s vibrant music community as a premier and sought-after background vocalist, arranger & director, and an actor in Milwaukee’s theater scene.

Makayla Hughes 

Makayla Hughes was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She began singing and performing in grade school and propelled to the top of her class at DSHA academically.

In September 2021, Makayla will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying Chemistry, to begin her journey to become a neurosurgeon.


Food Key: GF- Gluten Free, VG- Vegetarian, V- Vegan, P- Pescatarian


Dried Cherry and Miso Braised Short Ribs – GF, No Dairy

Normandy Chicken – Chicken Breast is marinated in Apple Cider with Thyme, Grill Seared and Accented with Sautéed Apples, Caramelized Onions, and a Light Cream Reduction Sauce

Sautéed Multi-colored Fresh Vegetable Medley – GF, VG

Garlic Parmesan & Herb Mashed Potatoes- GF, VG

Eggplant Piccata with Creamy Pesto Sauce – GF, VG

Fresh Eggplant Dipped in Egg and Parmesan, Sautéed Golden Brown Served with Light Cream Pesto Sauce on the side

Petite Dessert Assortment

Bar and non-alcoholic beverages available

Free Valet Parking

Dinner / Business Attire

Game Changer Award Winners

Game Changer Awards will also be provided to an individual and an organization that has distinguished themselves in one of the six NAACP game-changer areas: economic sustainability, education, health, public safety & criminal justice, voting rights and political representation, and youth engagement.

NAACP Game Changer Award in Health

The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department who will receive the Game Changer Award in Health for their unmatched efforts from the beginning of the COVID pandemic to our current state.

Dr. LuVerda Sayles Martin

NAACP Game Changer in Education and Health

We are honored to announce Dr. LuVerda Sayles Martin as our Game Changer in Education & Health Award Winner!

LuVerda is a Certified Nurse Midwife at Advocate Aurora Health Care Women’s Care Center.

Scholarship Award Winners

Jadelyn Burris

Scholarship Award Winner

Jadelyn excelled academically and on the dance team at Homestead High School. She was recently accepted to UW Madison.


Carys Ross

Scholarship Award Winner

Carys will be attending Xavier University of Louisiana, one of the top HBCU’s. She excelled academically at Homestead High School.

Frances Hook Award Winner

Patty Kubala

Frances Hook Award Winner

We are honored to announce that the Women in the NAACP (WIN) Frances Hook Award will be awarded to Patty Kubala, 30-year member of the NAACP of Ozaukee branch and Life Member. Patty is also the Assistant Secretary for the Ozaukee Branch and charter member of the Women In the NAACP (WIN) Committee.

The Frances Hook Award is a prestigious Women in the NAACP (WIN) award named after Frances Dancy Hook, its co-founder, will be provided to a woman who is making pioneering or significant contributions to their communities through their professional careers or through volunteerism and advocacy work.

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HISTORY: Women In the NAACP was approved as a Standing Committee in 2004 at the Philadelphia National Conven-tion in accordance with Article VIII of the NAACP Constitu­tion and Bylaws.


  • To enhance the leadership role of women.
  • To serve as an advocacy vehicle for social, economic, political, educational, and health and welfare issues affecting women, girls, and children.
  • To support the ongoing work of the NAACP and its units.

MEMBERSHIP: WIN membership is open to any person who is a bona fide member of the NAACP who pays the WIN minimum membership fee, which may not exceed the Association's membership fee. WIN' meetings are held at the NAACP Convention and State meetings.

THEME: WIN's national theme is "Outstretched Hands and Open Hearts to Women and Children."

DUES: Membership dues are ten dollars ($10.00). Five dollars are for the local WIN committee; five dollars are forwarded to the NAACP Membership Department.

Women In the NAACP is an integral comittee of the NAACP:

  • Was organized by Mrs. Frances Hooks
  • Focuses on women and children
  • Encourages local committees to address edu­cational, health, social, political, economic and other civil rights issues impacting the lives of women and children, especially girls
  • Has a coordinator in each of the seven (7) regions
  • Recognizes outstanding leadership with the Frances Hooks Award
  • Advocates for the positive development of girls
  • Has historically responded to families in disas­ter relief areas
  • Offers a medium for women to develop leader­ship, outreach, and advocacy skills for civil rights, especially for women
  • Built two schools in Benin, West Africa • Has a state WIN chair in most states
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